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Linda Arcadia's Journal

11th March, 2009. 6:13 am. Important Stuff!

My friend Ben will soon be riding a bicycle 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days to help in the fight against AIDS. HIV is an epidemic that is still killing people here in the US and elsewhere, there is still no cure. Please consider tossing in anything you can spare to sponsor him in his quest to help make HIV a thing of the past. For more information about his mission, or to easily make your tax-deductible donation online visit:


Please donate, please link to this or forward it to all your friends. This is important.


Current mood: determined.

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1st December, 2008. 10:54 am. shitshitshitshitshit

I just alked to Kathleen at the Dog Ranch, and gave her my notice. She was not pleased, and said I was leaving her in a bind cuz there wasn't time to find and train someone else before the Christmas crunch. I told her of course I wasn't going to leave her in the lurch, and if she can't replace me, I'll try to be available for the crunch.

I reiterated that I want her to find someone, or give some of those kids overtime, but that if it was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, I could give her a few nites.

She said call her Thursday and she'd see what she could do.

Damn. Just when you think you're out.....

I also told her there are a few things I want to talk to her about when she's alone in the office. She said she wants to hear them.


Oh well. A few more nites won't kill me - they'll just make me wish I was dead, lol

Current mood: disappointed.

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1st December, 2008. 8:53 am. The Car is in the Shoppe

Drove my 5 years + 1 month old car up to my mechanic today. Gave him the list of things that other people have found with their code readers that all the little lights mean. He said he'd hook it up to the computer and give me a call. Then I rode my bike home. Convenient.

I can't help but be struck by the coincidence of this happening only 1 friggin' month after the car was paid off.......

Now I think I'll have some breakfast, maybe another cup of coffee, and then trim the tree.


It would have been nice to be able to have someone with a code reader hook it up so I could just tell the guy what needs to be done, but oh well.

Life is what it is.

Current mood: cynical.

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29th November, 2008. 2:29 pm.

Nothing says Christmas like sucking down margaritas and watching Stephen King's "The Stand" on TV while writing out Christmas Cards....



Current mood: content.

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29th November, 2008. 8:19 am. Good News/Bad News

The Good News is, I'm done at the Dog Ranch.

The Bad News is, as I was heading over there last nite, just as I passed Pasadena, 3 engine lites came on on my dashboard. "Check Engine", ok I know that's not good; "Trac Off", not sure what that means;, "VSC" wtf is VSC????

So I turned around and came home, cuz being stranded on La Tuna Canyon after Midnite is not an experience I want, even tho I am a badass, lol.

Made it home ok, thank you God, called in, they were actually ok with it, cuz a lot of dogs went home yesterday, so they can handle it with 3 people. Yay. I did not want to leave them in the lurch.

Good news, I got to sleep in my own bed, for a full 8 hours, score. Bad news, I wanted to quit face-to-face, not over the phone, which I am going to have to do now. :-(

Worst news, I have to get my car in and find out wtf is going on with it.

That car has never given me one minute's trouble when the bank owned it. Does it somehow know that I recently received the pink slip to it?


But, I am home. So it could have been much, much worse.


Current mood: thankful.

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28th November, 2008. 12:51 pm. I smell turkey....

I left all the turkey, stuffing and gravy [whimper] down at Downey Tribe, for their Day-After-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. So I went ahead and started the "buy-one-get-one-free turkey I got last week.

I didn't bother to brine it - that's for company - but I did make my stuffing.

I smell turkey....

It should be out by about 2:30. I intend to have some mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and gravy, turkey and gravy, and then go nite-nite for a few hours....

Yesterday at Downey Tribe was lovely. Altho short. I had to come home and feed critters, then try to catch a few hours sleep.

Tonite is my last nite, yay.....


Current mood: happy.

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28th November, 2008. 10:49 am. Something else ot be thankful for....

A kid I wotk with at the Dog Ranch wants more hours and isn't scheduled for Saturday nite, so I let him have my hours. I'm off the hook for Saturday, so tonite is my last nite, yay!


Current mood: happy.

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26th November, 2008. 2:03 pm. Done!

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

House vacuumed, stuff put away, turkey to take to Downey Tribe tomorrow roasted, stuffing dug out of its guts, gravy made, carcass stripped (and taste tested!), dogs given skin, margarita consumed, bag packed for my overniter with dogs, all is well with the world.

I feel kinda sad that I'm not having the traditional dinner at my house like I have done for sooooo many years. I know Pammy and Rosie and Zeb are disappointed. :-( I'm relieved I have not committed to company this year, tho. With the way this overnite job has me feeling, I know I would not have the energy or desire to be a hostess this year. Hell, if it's raining, I'm going to have to give it all I've got just to make it to Downey with the turkey! In a way it's lucky I'm bringing the turkey - I can't just bow out and decide to stay home and sleep, lol.

A quick vacuum of the living room and I'm done. No cleaning, no getting extra tables in here, cleaning up the chairs from outside, etc etc etc....

And. I can go home and leave the mess to someone else. I already made and cleaned up mine. :-)

So, in spite of the sadness, I'm feeling pretty content right now. And hopefully I'll have some good leftovers to bring home tomorrow, lol.


Current mood: content.

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25th November, 2008. 10:27 am. This Somewhat Surprised Me....


I've been saying (but not doing anything about it) for the past year that I'd like to date a low-maintenance girl (is there such a thing?) for a change, and I guess that showed up in my answer choices.

Interesting. I think it expresses more of a fluid kind of mood rather than a static picture of my Life Preference. But yeah, interesting.


Current mood: contemplative.

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25th November, 2008. 6:36 am. Gonz.....

Just lost the second of - I suspect possibly 5 - toenails.

So far not the big ones. They take longer to die. Up to a year sometimes, after the trauma. The trauma being the 26.2 mile stroll I took my feet on.

The toenails, they are not pleased....

Current mood: nostalgic.

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